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At Gaston Recycling & Disposal, we offer full roll-off
 and recycling services. We recycle what other companies would typically dispose of. Rather than simply dispose of materials like pressure treated lumber, we’ll grind it, send it to a mill for processing, and then press it into reusable products like fuelwood and renewable energy pellets used to produce electricity.

What Makes Gaston Recycling Different?

Gaston Recycling is the pioneer in recycling material and a leader in cleaning out dumpsters on site. We understand how quickly bins can fill up and it can take hours to get a new, empty bin to your site – slowing down your project or job.

Our fleet of knuckle boom trucks can clean out dumpsters quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime on your job site.

At Gaston, we have a fleet of knuckle boom trucks that can clean out any material from dumpsters to stockpile material on the ground. This means that we don’t have to bring you an empty bin, but simply empty the bin you already have quickly and efficiently. To understand what that looks like you can watch the video in the sidebar.

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